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Wrist Surgery Melbourne

Wrist surgery encompasses a range of procedures addressing issues with bones, joints, tendons, and nerves in the wrist area. From bone procedures to basal joint arthroplasty, these surgeries aim to alleviate pain and restore function to the wrist.

Common wrist surgeries include ulnar nerve release, basal joint arthroplasty as well as procedures for conditions like chronic arthritis and De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. These surgeries target specific issues such as bone injuries, joint instability, and tendon inflammation.

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During a consultation, patients discuss their wrist pain with Dr Crock who conducts examinations, and often uses our onsite low dose high definition X-ray machine to determine the best course of action. Candidates for wrist surgery are assessed based on their symptoms and the potential benefits of surgical intervention. You are a good candidate for a consultation if you have ongoing pain in your wrist that has not resolved.

About the Procedure

Wrist surgery procedures vary in complexity, with major surgeries often requiring overnight hospital stays for post-operative care. Patients undergo pre-operative preparations and receive post-operative guidance on pain management and recovery timelines. We will require you to fast prior to your surgery, but more specificity will be given when surgery is booked.

Outcomes of Wrist Surgery

Recovery from wrist surgery varies depending on the procedure, with simpler surgeries allowing for quicker return to daily activities compared to more complex procedures like full corner fusion or ulnar shortening osteotomy. Patients work closely with healthcare providers to optimise recovery and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Recovery and Post-Procedure Care

After surgery, patients receive specialised care in recovery units before transitioning to ward care or returning home. Post-procedure care involves monitoring, pain management, and guidance on activities to promote healing and prevent complications.

Wrist Surgery Costs

Costs associated with wrist surgery include procedure fees, anaesthesia, surgical assistance, and post-operative care. Patients receive detailed quotations for each specific procedure, considering the resources and personnel involved in ensuring a smooth recovery process.

For individuals with insurance, out-of-pocket expenses for the initial consultation may vary depending on the insurance plan. Patients are encouraged to inquire about coverage and discuss payment options with the clinic’s staff.

Dr John Crock

Aside from an extensive resume and 35 years experience working with wrists, Dr Crock has pioneered fat arthroplasty and fat transfer into joints. This is is a minimally invasive joint arthroplasty that relives joint pain without the need for destructive and irreversible surgery. We are very happy to discuss these options in your consult, and you will work with Dr Crock to decide what is the best approach for your case.